Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process of using the courts, or alternative dispute resolution, to resolve a dispute. The attorney you select should be experienced, focused on the results you need, and match the style of litigation you desire. Our style is aggressive, results oriented, and cost effective. When we undertake the representation of our clients, we do so with the utmost commitment to their cause. We handle a wide variety of civil litigation matters and have substantial experience in business, labor and employment, and construction matters.

Legal GPS – We think of our guidance as a form of Legal GPS. Clients bring matters to us and generally have an idea of where they want to end up. It is our job to lead the way and get them to their desired destination, much like the navigation/GPS in one’s car does. We know what tools to use, how to implement effective strategy, and how to use law to our clients’ advantage. Our guidance brings clarity and direction to resolving legal disputes.